July 22, 2016

VLCC revolutionizes slimming technology

VLCC, the region’s leading provider of scientific weight-loss solutions and beauty treatments, recently introduced the latest in their line of slimming technology. The Curve Xpert 3D Power Shaper. It’s so effective, it provides immediate and visible results in a single session. You can lose as much as 400 grams and 10 cms.

With such a powerful claim, Birdie Dubai kept the communication (posters, social media posts, even tee-shirts…) simple and straightforward. Facts, after all, are powerful weapons. The first phase of the campaign ended with a launch event, where several guests signed up on the spot to get first dibs on this wonderful new technology.

To paraphrase the campaign’s copy, VLCC Curve Xpert 3D Power Shaper is a -ve for weight gain, and a resounding +ve for happiness.

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