October 15, 2016

Shop & Ship gets the drift with Red Bull

It’s one of the biggest annual motorsports events in the region: Red Bull Car Park Drift 2016, spanning 11 MENA countries and a million motorhead hearts. Our client, Shop & Ship partnered with the Red Bull event and here’s what Red Bull said*: ‘We cannot also forget the role of having world-class partners such as Aramex’s “Shop & Ship”, who share our vision of promoting adventure sports and provide unmatched support to the drifters in their quest for excellence.’

Where Birdie MENA came in was to create a promotion (for current and prospective Shop & Ship members) that captured the passion and the triumph of drifting. The prize was VIP tickets to the event. On a customized microsite, participants had to do some adroit mental drifting to correctly answer questions to qualify for a chance to win the prize. The promotion’s message was spread through region-specific e-mailers and social media including Influencer posts (the posts gained a combined 2000 likes on Instagram and resulted in myriad engagements on Facebook).

As we speak, the ongoing promotion has hit the digital streets of Oman after being a runaway hit with drifting fans in Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco and Jordan.

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