April 21, 2015

The force behind The SNS Force campaign

Comic Con 2015, Dubai. ¬†Our client, Shop and Ship wanted its booth to stand out. Quite a task, given the noisy, gargantuan, over-the-top, anything-goes, colourful nature of the event. And therein lay the idea. Offer fans who’ve been tramping from booth to booth, reeling from one amazing experience after another – a place to rest their feet, chillax and best-of-freakin’-all, free Wi-Fi.

We came up with the theme of Join The SnS Force, which featured an array of beloved favourites across all Comic Con categories. We invited people to visit our booth where the space was left uncluttered save for bean bags strewn hither and tither.

The fans came. They saw. And they hunkered. For the music. The tee freebies. The selfie spot. The chillin’. The Wi-Fi. The free membership. The vids. And, mostly importantly, the vibe. The SnS booth proved such a hit, it was among the Top Five People’s Choice Booths at Comic Con 2015.

Well, what can we say? The force was strong in this one.

Credits: Naval, Rodlie, Rayan, Aftab, Bala, Jitesh, Nabeel, Zein, Jahanvi, Tarek & Tony.





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